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We made a book, so we had a party! Our family and friends came to celebrate with us. Some of us read our pieces, most of us ate cupcakes and all of us were super proud of ourselves and excited about our book!

(pics by Courtney Bolivar)

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Write Now! 2013 Book Launch

We’re launching our book! Come celebrate with us! There will be readings, books for sale and snacks!

Saturday, September 28th

Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia
1113 Marginal Road, Halifax, NS

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Exquisite Corpse


The Exquisite Corpse collaborative writing exercise was back this year by popular demand. This is how the pieces are written: one person writes a line and passes it to the next person, who writes a line. They pass it on, but they fold the paper so only the last line written is visible, and the next person does the same. So each person is writing a line, only knowing what the last line was. The result is a sometimes surreal and silly, sometimes surprisingly beautiful piece.

These are the results of this year’s Exquisite Corpse exercise:


Exquisite Corpse #1

His blood was everywhere. On him, around us and me.

I could not bear the sight of it.

To see it made my heart ache.

So she turned away and watched “Troop Beverly Hills” on Netflix.

As soon as it was over she felt dirty…and wished she remembered how to shower.

But alas, the magical Mud had both wiped her memory and made her filthy.

She didn’t like being filthy. It made people walk away from her. Some even threw painful bars of soap at her.

But it didn’t matter. She knew who she was, but others didn’t care. She was just the stinky girl down the street.

“Take a shower, ya nasty!” Some kid on a scooter yelled at me as I walked down the street. He had a sucker in his mouth and as he zoomed by, I swung my hand in front of his face and the lollipop went right down his throat. He fell to the ground choking.

I glanced back to make sure he was okay and I saw a small crowd gather to help him. Yet another jerk to bathe in the sympathies of strangers.

He didn’t deserve the attention.

His face turned red and he felt his armpits become damp.

And the next thing I knew he covered me in puke. I was disgusted.

But I carried on anyway, and I say:

It’s hard to remember, but it’s worse to forget.

Exquisite Corpse #2

He is a boy who makes himself sick. The only thing that keeps him from dying is the love and care his mother gives him. He is 16. He is tall. He has brown eyes and hair. He is the one in six boys that are bulimic.

Life with bulimia is one of the biggest struggles for this boy. As a close friend, I really want to help. But what exactly can I do?

The last thing I want to do is interfere where I’m not wanted, but aren’t eating disorders in part everyone’s responsibilities?

But I made my decision and decided to try and help.

I stretched out my arm, reaching as far as I could stretch.

And suddenly touched it. I jolted my hand back quickly.

“Dubstep!” I screamed. Wub wub wobble weeeeooooo electrifying.

And people got up and danced on the tables.

God damn! That was some bar mitzvah!

I’m glad you think so because I’ve got twenty more Jewish cousins.

And they are all fine, if I do say so myself. If they weren’t my cousins…

Exquisite Corpse #3

Even the saddest raccoons

still climb every post box in town when the sun shines through the clouds.

The clouds are always too bright, reading the letters hurts my sight

and my heart, that’s why love has a price.

Sometimes it goes on sale, but the discounted version may be of inferior quality.

It was the only way to sell the weaker breeds.

People had concerns about the practice, but we decided we had no choice: we’d keep doing it.

We got the signal to begin the transplant.

The surgeon sterilized her tools, and made a swift, deep cut.

Truth is, I wasn’t asleep and felt the tool enter my body and I yelled…

WTF? I’m not okay with that.

Cause it’s a fact

in high school you were the man

said the crazy guy who hung around the convenience store.

People stared in shock at what Crazy Sue had said.

This is just a dream within a dream within a snowglobe.

Exquisite Corpse #4

They began to eat the peas out of the giant pod.

Each individual pea was the size of a baby’s head

and all of the peas grew to the size of kittens.

Meow meow. Chomp chomp. Green peas plead not to be eaten.

They sat patiently getting plump only to be plucked

and filleted for a late supper. On Tuesday,

he still showed up late to dinner because he went to Write Now!

“These crazy writers,” sighed his mother.

“What a strange people.”

“Whatever, I can’t even deal. No time for this.”

“But your job is to deal! You’re a blackjack dealer! You literally can’t do anything else!”

“Well, I have dreams, too! I want to play poker! Not watch it!”

I’m the best poker player ever. I can give them one look and I just know. I just know.

But really it’s all an act.

HAHA who am I kidding. I suck at poker. “LOL,” my drunk friend beside me said as he slapped me on the back. “Have another drink, won’t ya?” he said as he handed me a huge shot of vodka. “Why not…” I said as I took it.

The vodka went down smooth… at first.

And then suddenly my throat burned and I doubled over coughing.

I began to choke and sputter.


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Tonight’s Special Guest: Paul Hammond!

Paul Hammond is a Halifax-based artist, illustrator, and printmaker. He has been working with artistic partner Seth Smith over the last ten years under the name Yorodeo, creating collaborative illustrations, gigposters, art prints, and ephemera. He also writes and draws a comic strip called Hey You Guys, which is published weekly in The Coast.


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Homework for August 20th

Homework for next week: come up with 3 awesome titles!

They can be for a story, poem, film or anything else. 

You can just write the titles, but if they inspire you, feel free to write more!